10.000 unique Monsters
who live in Moonverse...

The Moon Monsters is one of pioneer large NFT's which drop with a 100% whitelist! The whitelist spots was earned with activities on our Discord, being an early bird for TMM or owning a #BAYC, #MAYC, #CYBERKONGZ, PolkaCity or United Punks Union Then whitelist was removed and we switched to public-mint!

"The Moon Monsters is an original collection of 10.000 generative art NFT pieces. Ten unique Moon Monsters was designed in 2011 by @tiglioglum Mert Tığlıoğlu, they were re-designed in 2021 Q3 with hundreds of elements inspired by the Monsters."

Fair Price

No FOMO! No Gas War! First 1800 minting cost 0.065ETH then the cost increase to 0.08ETH per minting.

Fair Distribution

You can mint The Moon Monsters NFTs with random numbers! Collection was listed on OpenSea for trade and RaritySniffer for rarity check.


The holders will get from Monsters Pizza NFTs! The Pizzas will give boost energy in Moonverse!

Legendary Series

100 Legendary NFTs will be distributed to the owners when the NFTs are sold out! Holders will get a benefit that we will disclose later.

Full Commercial Rights

The Moon Monsters holders own all the in-game commercial advertising rights!

Moonverse Token

NFT holders will get Initial Token Offering allocation from Moonverse Token. This limited supply token will form the economy of the Moonverse.


Holders will be able to play Moonverse and profit from their NFTs. Moonverse will have a sustainable play-2-earn system.

Roadmap to Moon

This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Moon Monsters. The roadmap is designed around the benefit of our Colony members and the continuity of our community. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on. It may evolve over time and hopefully become even better!

100% Whitelist + No Gas War + Hodl + Free-claim + Stake and Play2earn until the Moonverse!

"This is the way!"

10% SOLD

We will pay 2 ETH for The Colony of Moon Monsters to listing to Rarity Sniper. Thanks to this, you can check your Moon Monster’s rarity!

20% SOLD

Discord giveaway starts! Ten people get 1x The Moon Monsters randomly! "Only for The Moon Monsters Owners in Discord"

30% SOLD

The holders of Moon Monsters will get a Free-claim 1/1 from Moonsters Pizza NFT project before 2022! The Pizzas will boost energy to your Monsters in the Moonverse Game!

40% SOLD

The Colony Wallet gets unlocked! We will be distributing $25.000 to 100 people; each Colony member gets $250 randomly! "Only for The Moon Monsters Owners in Discord"

60% SOLD

We will start to develop The Moon Monsters ERC20 Token in 2022 Q1! The holders of Moon Monsters will be able to stake it free as daily or weekly! "Limited supply" The token will be used in our Moonverse game! The Holders will purchase NFT assets such as Space Ships, Buildings, Professions and so on! We will put liquidity as USD to Uniswap before The Moonverse game launch!

70% SOLD

Discord giveaway starts! Twenty people get 1x The Moon Monsters randomly! "Only for The Moon Monsters Owners in Discord"

90% SOLD

$50.000 will be distributed to 100 people; each Colony members get $500 randomly! "Only for The Moon Monsters Owners in Discord"

100% SOLD

100 piece The Legendary NFT will be distributed as a giveaway! The Uniswap liquidity deposited for The Moonverse Token! We will start to develop The Moonverse Game in 2022 Q1! Only the holders of Moon Monsters will enter the Moonverse! We will list Moonverse Token in at least two more Crypto Exchanges! When the Game launches, the Moonsters Token will start to be used in Moonverse!


Hi! JasonMaximalist and Tiglioglum are friends who met six years ago thanks to Bitcoin. Tiglioglum is an Art director with 17 years of experience and a Crypto Artist who created the latest United Punks Union NFT project. JasonMaximalist is a Crypto investor usually investing in Crypto assets and NFTs. JasonMaximalist and Tiglioglum are the Co-founder on The Moon Monsters project. The Moon Monsters characters were first designed ten years ago by @tiglioglum Mert Tığlıoğlu.


Co-founder | Artist | Project Lead | Developer


Co-founder | Advisor




Community Manager


Front-end Developer


Feel free to ask us any other questions you may have on Twitter and Discord

On your computer, get a Metamask chrome extension. If you use a mobile phone, get an iOS or Android version of MetaMask. Load it with ETH through services that allow you to change your money to ETH like Binance, Coinbase Pro, or Paypal. Finally, when the countdown is over form area appear on the banner side; set a count such as 1 or 20, click the button "Mint (Buy) The Moon Monsters", and approve the transaction on Metamask. Woah! You can watch the tutorial How to Use & Safely Setup MetaMask

With grave concern for the project's longevity, we have a post-sale roadmap that addresses long-term concerns. We are going to always be in the chase for practical actions to keep the community fully engaged. 100% Whitelist + Hodl + Free-claim + Stake and Play2earn until the Moonverse!

If you see an extremely high gas fee, this is an error that can occur if you don't have enough ETH in your wallet to cover regular gas. Try adding more ETH to your wallet.

Pre-sale price is 0.065 ETH. Public Sale price 0.08 ETH. After 1800 pieces are minted, the public-sale price will be valid.

The Moon Monsters adhere to the ERC-721 standard so you can trade them on platforms like OpenSea.

Join the community

Moon Monsters Discord already has over x.xxx members! If you want to join the #MoonverseColony, it's here. Join us to get the news as soon as possible and follow our latest announcements.